January 17, 2017Update on the Release of the 2015 Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)
January 16, 2017Workshop on Administrative Concerns
January 16, 2017Addendum to Unnumbered Memo Dated January 3, 2017 Re: Workshop on the Enhancement of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Curriculum (Part Two)
January 16, 2017Workshop of the Intensification of TA Delivery and Crafting of Regional TA Plan for 2017
January 16, 20174th Training Season of Operation Lighthouse Keeping
January 16, 2017Contestants for the SPFL Challenge
January 13, 2017Schedule of Checking and Finalization of RPMS 2016 by the Regional Task Force
January 13, 2017Orientation on Saitama Active Learning Promotion Project
January 11, 2017Finalization and Walkthrough of Session Guides for the Training of Multigrade Teachers on Differentiated Instraction
January 9, 2017Workshop on the Finalization of the Manual Operations of all Special Interest Programs
January 9, 2017Orientation on School-Based Dengue Immunization Expansion in Central Visayas
January 6, 2017Compliance of RPMS 2015 Requires Documents
January 5, 2017Movie Screenings for the Deaf and Blind
January 5, 2017Corrigendum/Addendum to Regional Memorandum # 0738 Dated November 21, 2016 Re: Regional Kindergarten Festival of Talents
January 4, 20172016 Year-End National Conference on Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Planning
January 3, 2017Consultative Workshop on Different Science Programs
January 3, 2017National Muslim Education Program (MEP) Annual Conference
January 3, 2017Workshop on the Enhancement of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Curriculum (Part Two)
January 3, 2017Training-Workshop on Contextualizing the Curriculum for Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) - Part II