RD’s Credo

My Credo


I, Juliet A. Jeruta, humbly recognizes that what I am now is a “GIFT” bestowed by the Lord Almighty as HIS PURPOSE in my life. Having ACCEPTED the “GIFT of being OIC-Regional Director in Region VII”, I see pathways of introducing and managing changes vastly different from what I had trodden before. So, this 2015 and beyond, as Carrier of the banner of Stewardship in the provinces of Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, Siquijor categorized into 19 school divisions, I PROMISE to do my best to have these signpost effected;

Lead as an advocate of PEACE in the workplace and in the peripheral sphere of my leadership influence

PEACE will be the string that ties all diverse personal and career purposes of all members of DepEd Region VII family to move with SYNERGY in creating value laden filled services that will promote collegial relationships, nurturing peer mentoring and results-based driving force atmosphere in the workplace.



Enabling Mechanism for my People

All the learning, insights, reflections, wisdom I gained from the enhancement sessions I have participated will be optimally utilized to bring out the best in my people

That I will set myself as a model both in my behaviors, language, ideas and shall initiate conditions where my peers, family, subordinates will see its distinctions and espouse them because their lives have been touched, affected, directed or changed for the better

That I will leave leadership and personhood footprints indelible enough to be sustained by those who are left, will continue to do them and in the process leave also their marks so that the ripple of chain will not be broken despite the passage of time.

That I will be able to maintain, bringing my family with it, the good reputation I have established and shall continue to safeguard ourselves from all the negative influences ahead and around us whose consequences may shed doubts to what “I Talk and Walk”

That as we work together for the chosen strategies in achieving organizational goals, we will all be proud as co-owners of the achievements that we produced collaboratively.



Taking lessons from the past….

That everyone in their positions will always look back from what happened in the past, gain insights from its gains, will not repeat the mistakes, use them all to build the present and prepare the future anticipating the best fit

Shared Accountability

That through dynamic group work processes, consultations, counseling sessions, coaching and mentoring interventions, a synchronized decision of performance and accountability measures are established which everyone committed to observe, monitor, evaluate and will be communicated to all hierarchical levels

Responsive Service Provider

That all frontline service providers are aware of the kind and adequacy of their impact to the people/ communities they serve and the work they do shall not be considered burden but a manifestation of LOVE made visible.

Excellent Work Results or Approximating a Near Level

That the 19 schools divisions must all wave banner of excellent in their performance indicators of access, Quality and Relevance, Governance and Regulatory Services through smart investments in people, Structure, Mechanisms, Stakeholders and Observance of standard work ethics.


That in all these, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will always be with me, inspires me and pushes me towards that direction which this CREDO leads…..

These I offer to my CREATOR and the PEOPLE I serve.



Regional Director’s 2018 Graduation Message

“Mag-aaral ng K to 12: Handa sa Hamon ng Buhay” (K to 12 Learners: Ready to Face Life’s Challenges)

DepEd’s School Year 2017-2018 will soon be ending and every stages where learners will move on to the next level is punctuated with a celebration of triumph. Then, what reigns in their hearts is a fervor to repeat the experience of success with vigor preparations for what will come next. I sincerely wish to tap every shoulders of our school learners, teachers, school administrators and other DepEd officials for exhaustively sweating all efforts off, beating every inch of impediments, and curbing all potential threats to success. Congratulations, batch 2017-2018! And, shout out to yourselves and to all the ladders that bridged your efforts to a greater sense of fulfillment!

DepEd’s transformation has come into terms with enduring every amount of birth pains brought by the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum, confronting all positive, negative and something in between occurrences of such leap in the history of Philippine Education, and sustaining this for continuous improvement. However complex and tedious, DepEd has now reaped a realization of its initial accomplishment from what has been persevered since 2013 — its K to 12 pioneering batch of SY 2017-2018. Kudos to sustained goals anchored with solidified means to uphold the ultimate development of our Educational System. Readiness to life’s challenges is among the most prized objectives of the Enhanced Basic Education. It radiates from discovering the fullest of our learners’ potentials to sustaining the formation of their career/profession.

Thank you for the sincere and consistent cooperation. You are a product of DepEd’s toil and persistence. May you continue to justify and own your readiness to surpass life’s greatest obstacles.

Again, Congratulations!




Download the official Graduation Message.