2018 Regional Memoranda

DateMemoranda NoMemorandum TitleOfficeFile
2/15/2018RM 0123 S 2018Regional Search for Schools Division Superintendents (SDS) and Assistant Schools Division Superintendents (ASDS)ASDDownload
2/14/2018RM 0122 S 2018Announcing the Technical/Officiating Officials and the Criteria of Minor Competition for CVIRAA Meet 2018ESSDDownload
2/14/2018RM 0121 S 2018Seminar-Training And Updating on the Latest Sepaktakraw and Hoop Takraw Technical RulesESSDDownload
2/13/2018RM 0119 S 2018Nomination of Participants for the Regular Courses pf SEAMEO Regional Center for QITEP in Mathematics for FY 2018HRDDDownload
2/13/2018RM 0118 S 2018Dissemination of DepEd Memorandum OUFBPM-2018-0018 "Submission of Request for School MOOE Fund Modification in Accordance to 2018 GAA Special Provision no. 14"Finance DivisionDownload
2/12/2018RM 0117 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on 2D AnimationCLMDDownload
2/12/2018RM 0116 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on Fiber Optics 101 & 102CLMDDownload
2/12/2018RM 0115 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on Organic Agriculture NC llCLMDDownload
2/12/2018RM 0114 S 2018Skills Ehancement Raining on CCTV Design & Installation/Structured Cabling and Fiber 101CLMDDownload
2/12/2018RM 0113 S 2018Skills Enhancement Raining on Computer System Servicing (CSS) NCII and CSS Assessment DayCLMDDownload
2/12/2018RM 0112 S 2018Skills Enhancement Raining on 2D AnimationCLMDDownload
2/9/2018RM 0111 S 20182018 Private Schools in Basic Education ConferenceQADDownload
2/8/2018RM 0110 S 2018Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) training on DRRMESSDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0109 S 2018Conduct of the 2018 1st Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)ESSDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0108 S 2018PDRRMO and Deped RO7 Coordination MeetingESSDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0107 S 2018Follow-UpWorkshop for School DRRM Operations Guideline and Teachers Training Design PreparationESSDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0106 S 2018Regional Mass Training of Trainers of ALS Implementers on the Utilization of Enhanced ALS Curriculum and Learning Materials - Batch 3CLMDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0105 S 201818th Annual Assembly and Professional Development of Philippine Guidance and Counselling Association =, Inc., (PGCA)CLMDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0104 S 2018Validation of School Sites for Survey and Titling in FY 2018 and Monitoring of Survey and Titling of School Sites in FY 2017ORDirDownload
2/9/2018RM 0103 S 2018Submission of the List of DOST ScholarsHRDDDownload
2/9/2018RM 0102 S 2018Monitoring of Private Schools Without Permit QADDownload
2/8/2018RM 0101 S 20187th DanceSport Dance Camp 2018CLMDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0100 S 2018Reiteration of Memorandum Dated 04 April 2016 Re: Submission of Copies Ownership Documents of Public Elementary and Secondary School SitesORDirDownload
2/8/2018RM 0099 S 2018Invitation to The National ICT SummitICT UnitDownload
2/8/2018RM 0098 S 2018Submission of List of Recommended Senior High Schools to Participate in the Screening for Class-Up with ClassWiz ResearchCLMDDownload
2/6/2018RM 0097 S 2018CESB Accredited Leadership Training Programs for 2018 by Human Resource Innovations and Solutions,INC.(HURIS,INC)FTADDownload
2/6/2018RM 0095 S 2018Reminders to Private Schools on the Applications for Special Order for Completion for Junior High School Education Course and Special Order for Graduation for Senior High School Education Course for the School Year 2017-2018QADDownload
2/6/2018RM 0094 S 2018National Arts Month CelebrationCLMDDownload
2/6/2018RM 0093 S 20181st Quarter Conference of Division MAPEH SupervisorsCLMDDownload
2/6/2018RM 0092 S 2018Dissemination of Ched Memorandum Order No. 105.S. 2017 Entitled Policy on the Admission of Senior High School Graduates to the higher Education Institutions Effective School Year 2018-2019QADDownload
2/6/2018RM 0091 S 2018Dissemination of National Budget Memorandum No. 129 on the National Budget Call for FY 2019Finance DivisionDownload
2/6/2018RM 0090 S 2018(Updated) Official Delegation to the 2018 National Festival of Talents (NFOT)CLMDDownload
2/6/2018RM 0089 S 2018Dissemination of DBM Circular Letter No. 2018-4-3 Modified Guidelines for the Payment of Retirement Gratuity and Terminal Leave (RG/TL) BenefitsFinance DivisionDownload
2/6/2018RM 0088 S 2018Dissemination of DBM circular Letter No.2018-3 Adjustment in the Employer (Government) Share in Philhealth Insurance Premium (HIP) Contribution to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth)Finance DivisionDownload
2/6/2018RM 0087 S 2018Deped Ro7 Personnel Participants to the Disaster Risk Reduction Education (DRRE) Integration Training of Trainers (TOT)ESSDDownload
2/6/2018RM 0086 S 2018Final Technical Conference for CVIRAA Meet 2018ESSDDownload
2/7/2018RM 0085 S 2018Official Announcement of CVIRAA Meet 2018 and Its Schedule of ActivitiesESSDDownload
2/9/2018RM 0085 S 2018(UPDATED) Official Announcement of CVIRAA Meet 2018 and Its Schedule of ActivitiesESSDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0084 S 2018Consultation Cum Workshop on SHS Form 9QADDownload
2/5/2018RM 0083 S 2018Validation Workshop of The Competency-Based Learning and Development (CBLD) Plan on Research ManagementPPRDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0082 S 2018Request for Updated List of New Health Personnel Within Five Years for The Schedule of TrainingESSDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0081 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on Fiber Optics 101 & 102 and Fiber Optics Certification Seminar WorkshopCLMDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0080 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on CCTV Design & Installation/Structured Cabling and 2D AnimationCLMDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0079 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on Computer System Servicing (CSS) NC II and CSS Assessment DayCLMDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0078 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on Organic Agriculture NC II, Horticulture NC II & III and Animal Production NC IICLMDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0077 S 2018Skills Enhancement Training on Solar PV Technology Course 1 & 2CLMDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0076 S 2018Addendum to Regional Memorandum 953, s 2017 (senior High School (SHS) Mass Training of Teachers (MTOT) for Academic Track ( Core and Specialized Subjects)HRDDDownload
2/8/2018RM 0075 S 2018"No Out-of-Town Activity During Mondays" Internal Policy Pursuant to the Office Memorandum No. 1, S 2018ASDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0073 S 2018Eligibility of Home Schools Pupils/Students to Participate in Deped PalaroESSDDownload
2/5/2018RM 0072 S 2018Dissemination of Deped Order No 3, s 2018 Entitled Basic Education Enrollment PolicyQADDownload
2/2/2018RM 0071 S 2018Corrigendum to RM No 0033 s 2018 "End of CY 2017 and Second Quarter of SY 2017-2018 RMEA for SDOsQADDownload
2/2/2018RM 0070 S 2018Microsoft Education Training for Ambassadors and Regional Forum Visayas 2018ICT UnitDownload
2/2/2018RM 0069 S 2018Invitation to a Collaborative Workshop on Emerging Microsoft Technologies for STEM, Coding, Inclusive Education for SPED and Office Productivity for VisMin ClusterICT UnitDownload
2/2/2018RM 0068 S 2018SY 2017-2018 (3rd/Last Batch) Allocations of Teacher I Positions for K-G10 and Teacher II Positions for Senior High SchoolPPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0067 S 2018Division Education Development Plan Workshop for Negros Oriental Division - Phase 1PPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0066 S 2018Indicative Teaching Item Allocataion for School Year (SY) 2018-2019PPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0065 S 2018Project Management Information System (PMIS) Re-Orientation WorkshopPPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0064 S 2018FY 2019 Programs, Activities And Project Workshop - Phase IIPPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0063 S 2018Submission of List of Prospective Sped Teacher I Applicants with Corresponding School Assignment for SY 2018-2019PPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0062 S 2018Addendum to RM No.31, s. 2018 RE: Capacity Building of Deped Planning OfficersPPRDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0061 S 2018Coordination Meeting With DepEd Engineers in Region VIIESSDDownload
2/2/2018RM 0060 S 2018DCP Policy Review and ContextualizationICT UnitDownload
2/1/2018RM 0059 S 2018Support to the Hosting of 2018 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) and 2018 National Festival of Talents(NFOT)CLMDDownload
1/29/2018RM 0058 S 2018Dissemination of DepEd Order No. 1, S. 2018 Entitled "Amendment to DepEd Order No. 20, S. 2017" (Guidelines on the Implementation of the Educational Service Contracting and Teachers Salary Subsidy Programs in Junior High School for School Year 2017-2018)QADDownload
1/29/2018RM 0057 S 2018Regional Science High School Entrance ExaminationCLMDDownload
1/29/2018RM 0056 S 20181st Quarter Conference in Araling Panlipunan for CY 2018CLMDDownload
1/26/2018RM 0055 S 2018Division DRRM Coordination MeetingESSDDownload
1/26/2018RM 0054 S 2018Field Testing of Storybooks Produced During the Enabling Writer's TrainingCLMDDownload
1/26/2018RM 0053 S 2018Deferment of the enhancement training program for senior high school (SHS) principals: Deepening instructional leadership practicesHRDDDownload
1/26/2018RM 0052 S 2018Postponement of The Instructional Leadership Program (ILP) for Division and District Supervisors HRDDDownload
1/26/2018RM 0051 S 20182018 Human Resource Development (HRD) Planning Conference, and Orientation-Workshop on the Learning and Development (L & D) SystemHRDDDownload
1/25/2018RM 0050 S 2018Disaster Risk Reduction Education (DRRE) Integration Training of Trainers (TOT)ESSDDownload
1/25/2018RM 0049 S 2018Members of Regional DRRE Integration Training Resource Persons/FacilitatorsESSDDownload
1/25/2018RM 0048 S 2018Participation of SGOD Representatives for the Conduct of Orientation on the Use of Enhanced L & D System Phase II, Clusters I-IVCLMDDownload
1/23/2018RM 0047 S 2018Addendum/Corrigendum to Regional Memorandum No. 0014, S. 2018 Re: Mass Training of Trainers in Rondalla for Music TeachersCLMDDownload
1/23/2018RM 0046 S 2018Update on Utilization of Funds for Transfer of Ownership (Survey and Titling) and Special Patent RegistrationORDirDownload
1/23/2018RM 0045 S 2018"Heart To H.E.A.R.T Talk" Program of Commission on Population-Region VIIORDirDownload
1/23/2018RM 0044 S 2018Consultative Meeting on School-Based Feeding Program Implementation SY 2017-2018ESSDDownload
1/22/2018RM 0043 S 2018Corrigendum to Regional Memorandum No. 0015s. 2018, Re: Development of Road Map and Balik Kasaysayan CompediumCLMDDownload
1/26/2018RM 0042 S 2018Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Regional Festival of TalentsCLMDDownload
1/24/2018RM 0041 S 2018Call for Research ProposalsPPRDDownload
1/22/2018RM 0040 S 2018Addendum and Corrigendum to Regional Memo No. 0978, S. 2017 (2018 Metrobank-MTAP-DEPED Math Challenge)CLMDDownload
1/22/2018RM 0039 S 2018Policy on the Admission of Senior High School Graduates to the Higher Education Institutions Effective Academic Year 2018-2019HRDDDownload
1/22/2018RM 0038 S 2018Dissemination of UK-Based Lead Deliver Nurture (LDN) Consultancy LTDHRDDDownload
1/22/2018RM 0037 S 2018Dissemination of DepEd Order No. 66, S. 2017 Entitled "Implementation Guidelines on the Conduct of Off-Campus Activities"QADDownload
1/17/2018RM 0036 S 2018Regional Screening of Documents/ Credentials and Interview of Coaches, Athletes and Chaperons for CVIRAA Meet 2018ESSDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0035 S 2018Region 7 Management Committee Meeting ARDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0034 S 2018Planning Conference for the Conduct of Mass Training of Trainers in Rondalla for Music TeachersCLMDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0033 S 2018Corregindum and Addendum to R.M. NO. 20, s. 2018QADDownload
1/17/2018RM 0032 S 2018SP Resolution No. 3418-2017: Warning the General Public Through Their Municipal and City Mayors Including Schools to Beware of Fake Announcement of Suspension of ClassesASDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0031 S 2018Capacity Building of Deped Planning OfficersPPRDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0028 S 2018Validation of Number of Schools for FY 2017-2018 Official EnrolmentPPRDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0027 S 2018Orientation of Deped Dentist on Dental Health Record as Requirement for Sports Event/Meet CompetitionESSDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0026 S 2018FY Programs, Activities and Project WorkshopPPRDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0025 S 20181st Month Planning Group Coordination MeetingPPRDDownload
1/17/2018RM 0024 S 2018Official Delegation to the 2018 National Schools Press Conference(NSPC)CLMDDownload
1/16/2018RM 0023 S 2018Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Education (DRRE) Integration Core Team and Curriculum (CID) Chiefs MeetingESSDDownload
1/16/2018RM 0022 S 2018Division-Based Consultative Conference ARDDownload
1/15/2018RM 0021 S 2018Enhancement Training for Campus JournalistsQADDownload
1/15/2018RM 0020 S 2018End of CY 2017 and Second Quarter of SY 2017-2018 Regional Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adjustment for Schools Divisions (RMEA for SDOs) QADDownload
1/15/2018RM 0019 S 2018Reiterating Submission/Uploading of Work and Financial Plan (WFP) 2018 to Program Management Information System (PMIS)PPRDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0018 S 2018National Training of Trainers on Special EducationCLMDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0017 S 2018Administrative Meeting CUM Training on Multi-Factored Assessment ToolCLMDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0016 S 2018Senior High School (SHS) Mass Training of Teachers (MTOT) of TVL TrackCLMDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0015 S 2018Development of Road Map and Balik Kasaysayan CompendiumCLMDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0014 S 2018Mass Training of Trainers in Rondolla for Music Teachers CLMDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0013 S 2018Rapid Damage Needs Assessment Training on DRRMESSDDownload
1/11/2018RM 0012 S 2018Submission of the List of Deped Medical Physicians with Plantilla PositionESSDDownload
1/11/2018RM 0011 S 2018Conference of the Regional Screening and Accreditation Committee (RSAC) Members in Preparation for the CVIRAA Meet 2018ESSDDownload
1/12/2018RM 0010 S 2018Advanced Training Course for Leader of AdultsFTADDownload
1/12/2018RM 0009 S 2018SY 2017-2018 BSP Fund Campaign ProgramFTADDownload
1/11/2018RM 0008 S 2018Schedule of Delivery for Various TVL-Tools and Equipment to the Recipients Schools of Region VIICLMDDownload
1/11/2018RM 0007 S 2018Composition of the Regional Board of Trustees and Secretariat for the Provident Fund Effective January 1, 2018Finance DivisionDownload
1/12/2018RM 0006 S 2018Dissemination of DepEd Order No. 66, S. 2017 Entitled "Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of OFF-Campus Activities"QADDownload
1/9/2018RM 0005 S 2018Coordination with DOH on Dengvaxia Immunization Information and Education Campaign (IEC) Materials DisseminationESSDDownload
1/9/2018RM 0004 S 2018Conduct of National Orientation on DepEd Partnership Framework and ProcessESSDDownload
1/9/2018RM 0003 S 2018Regional Career Advocacy Congress (RCAC) 2017 Post Evaluation Activity and Planning for CY 2018HRDDDownload
1/9/2018RM 0002 S 2018Collaborative Conference in Preparation for the CVIRAA MEET 2018ESSDDownload
1/9/2018RM 0001 S 2018Orientation of Supervisors and Training of Trainers on the Utilization of Multi-Factored Assessment Tools (MFAT)CLMDDownload