2018 Regional Advisories

DateAdvisory NumberAdvisory TitleOfficeFile
6/21/2018RA 0069 S 2018Road Show UnlimitedCLMDDownload
6/14/2018RA 0068 S 2018Three Acts of Goodness School Grants for Elementary and High SchoolORDir (RD)Download
6/19/2018RA 0067 S 2018National Seminar Workshop on 21st Century Teaching and Learning (CPD Program)PPRDDownload
6/18/2018RA 0066 S 2018OPEX 2018: Operational Excellence in Service Delivery CourseHRDDDownload
6/14/2018RA 0064 S 2018Philippine Folk Dance Society - Cebu Chapter: 16th Echo-Folk Dance WorkshopCLMDDownload
6/14/2018RA 0063 S 20183-Day East Asia ConferenceCLMDDownload
6/6/2018RA 0062 S 2018Mass Evangelism of the Student Movement for Christ International (SMCI)ORDirDownload
6/5/2018RA 0061 S 2018National Seminar-Workshop on Values EducationCLMDDownload
6/4/2018RA 0060 S 20189th and 10th Word Cup Philippine Journalism Workshop and ContestCLMDDownload
6/4/2018RA 0059 S 20185th Batch of TESOL Certification Training ProgramCLMDDownload
6/5/2018RA 0058 S 2018Training and Seminars on Effective Approach in Organizing Files and Prevention of Permanent RecordsRecords SectionDownload
5/29/2018RA 0057 S 20189th Annual International Symposium of Foreign Language Learning (AISOFOLL)PPRDDownload
5/29/2018RA 0056 S 20181st International Conference on Methodological Advances in ResearchPPRDDownload
5/23/2018RA 0055 S 20182018 Search for Ulirang Guro at Pambansang Ulirang Guro of the Manila Teachers' Savings and Loan Association, Inc.CLMDDownload
5/23/2018RA 0054 S 2018Archdiocesan Campus Ministry (ACM) - Youth Evaluation, Planning and Election of Officers SY 2018-2019CLMDDownload
5/23/2018RA 0053 S 2018The Mind Museum: Manila Mini Maker FaireORDirDownload
5/2/2018RA 0052 S 2018Educational Films of Legendary Superstars Management and Entertainment, Inc.ORDirDownload
4/30/2018RA 0051 S 2018International Seminar-Workshop on Understanding Education Laws for Better School Stewardship of the Philippine Pedagogical InstituteORDirDownload
4/20/2018RA 0050 S 2018National Seminar-Workshop on Action Research for Teachers with the theme, "Fostering Favorable Research Culture among 21st Century Educators through Action Research"PPRDDownload
4/20/2018RA 0049 S 2018Regional Science Camp (RSC) 2018CLMDDownload
4/17/2018RA 0048 S 20182018 International and 54th Annual National Conference of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association, Inc.CLMDDownload
4/4/2018RA 0047 S 2018Teaching Statistics and Probability in the K to 12 Mathematics CurriculumCLMDDownload
4/4/2018RA 0046 S 2018Training Programs of the Center Human Research and Development Foundation (CHRDF), Inc.HRDDDownload
4/4/2018RA 0045 S 20185th Malikhaing Guro International Conference on Culture-Based EducationCLMDDownload
3/22/2018RA 0044 S 2018Trainings and Seminars for Internal Audit Works in all Government Agencies be Conducted in Conformity with the Standards of the Internal Audit ProfessionASDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0043 S 2018Call for Papers PPRDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0042 S 2018"1st SALINDUNONG INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE" with the theme: Language: Literature, and Multidisciplinary Research Towards Cultural IntegrationPPRDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0041 S 2018Two-Day Seminar Workshop on Action Research and its Implication to the Continuous Improvement of K to 12 Senior High School Program ImplementationPPRDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0040 S 2018Tarlac State University 2018 National Seminar WorkshopsHRDDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0039 S 2018KaGuro 4-Day National ConferenceHRDDDownload
3/23/2018RA 0038 S 2018Trainings and Seminars to Personnel in all Levels of Government Offices who are involved in Documentation of Government Transactions and Handling Public Records Records SectionDownload
3/21/2018RA 0037 S 2018National Seminar-Workshop on Differentiated InstructionCLMDDownload
3/22/2018RA 0036 S 20188th Word Cup Philippines Journalism Workshop and ContestCLMDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0035 S 201840th Annual National Summer Conference and WorkshopCLMDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0034 S 2018SANAYSINING Arts SchoolCLMDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0033 S 20182018 National Folk Dance WorkshopCLMDDownload
3/21/2018RA 0032 S 2018Dance Xchange: The Philippine International Dance Workshop and FestivalCLMDDownload
3/16/2018RA 0031 S 2018Christian Leadership Training Semina (CLTS)CLMDDownload
3/16/2018RA 0030 S 20181st Senior High School TVL JOB FAIRARDDownload
3/15/2018RA 0029 S 2018Continuing Professional Development Training for Teachers on ICT IntegrationORDirDownload
3/15/2018RA 0028 S 20182018 National Summer Leadership CampORDirDownload
3/15/2018RA 0027 S 20182018 International Trainings and Seminar-Workshops of the Southeast Asean Institute of Educational Training, Inc.ORDirDownload
3/9/2018RA 0026 S 2018Archdiocesan Campus Ministry (ACM) Collaborators Lenten RecollectionCLMDDownload
3/12/2018RA 0025 S 20181st National |Training for Teachers on Management and School Leadership Development Program on School Governance and OperationHRDDDownload
3/1/2018RA 0024 S 2018Campus Ministry Student Volunteers Pilgrimage to the Archdiocesan Shrines of CebuCLMDDownload
3/1/2018RA 0023 S 2018Live Special Thanksgiving and Worship PresentationASDDownload
2/28/2018RA 0022 S 2018Summer 2018 Seminar-Workshops of Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development (i.LEAD)CLMDDownload
2/28/2018RA 0021 S 2018Values Restoration Program (VRP)CLMDDownload
2/28/2018RA 0020 S 2018National Seminar and Consultation - Workshop on Policies Related to Teachers' Rights & DutiesASDDownload
2/19/2018RA 0019 S 20182018 CES Leadership Conclave SeriesASDDownload
2/19/2018RA 0018 S 2018ACM Sportsfest and Love Day 2018CLMDDownload
2/19/2018RA 0017 S 2018Nihongo FiestaCLMDDownload
2/19/2018RA 0016 S 2018Two-Day Seminar Workshop on Action Research and its Implications to the Continuous Improvement of K to 12 Program ImplementationORDirDownload
2/19/2018RA 0015 S 2018Center for Human Research and Development Foundation Incorporated ConferencesORDirDownload
2/9/2018RA 0014 S 20182nd Likhandula International Arts Exchange and CollaborationCLMDDownload
2/8/2018RA 0013 S 2018The Regional Calcu-LympicsCLMDDownload
2/8/2018RA 0012 S 2018Vocation Awareness MonthCLMDDownload
2/8/2018RA 0011 S 2018Pambansang Seminar-Worksyap, Kumperensya, at Pakitang-Turo 2018 ng Dela Salle University-Manila Departamento ng FilipinoCLMDDownload
2/5/2018RA 0010 S 2018Ika-46 Pambansang Seminar Gawaing-Kapulungan sa Filipino ng Pambansang Samahan ng mga Tagamaid at Tagapagtagayod sa FilipinoCLMDDownload
1/23/2018RA 0009 S 2018Comprehensive School Program "WORLD OF MOUTH"ESSDDownload
1/23/2018RA 0008 S 2018Goiter Awareness MonthESSDDownload
1/22/2018RA 0007 S 2018International Conference on Teaching and eLearningORDirDownload
1/22/2018RA 0006 S 20182017 Raffle Fund Campaign ProgramORDirDownload
1/22/2018RA 0005 S 201811th Science and Mathematics Quiz BowlCLMDDownload
1/22/2018RA 0004 S 2018Research Forum of the Philippine Science High School-Central Visayas CampusCLMDDownload
1/17/2018RA 0003 S 2018Advocacy Film "BOSES"ESSDDownload
1/17/2018RA 0002 S 2018Ikasiyam na Pabansang Kongreso sa Wika at Panitikang Filipino ng Kapisanan ng mga Superbisor at Guro sa Filipino (KASUGUFIL) CLMDDownload
1/17/2018RA 0001 S 2018CAL Battle of the ICT Wizards SY 2017-2018ICT UnitDownload